July 29, 2022

“After this bombing, a lot of our guys died”

By Azlyrics

The wife of a captured Ukrainian marine responded to the shelling of the camp in Yelenovka

The wife of a captured Ukrainian marine, Marina Ashifina, who made her way to her husband through the DPR, despite the ban on Ukraine, reacted to the night shelling of the camp in Yelenovka . The woman believes that the missile attack was Zelensky's execution of his own people.

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Let me remind you that at night On July 29, the Yelenovskaya colony was fired upon from the American HIMARS rocket system. The fire was deliberately opened on the barracks where the prisoners were kept. At the moment, 53 dead and 140 wounded are known.

The wife of a captured marine, Marina Ashifina, unsuccessfully tried to find her husband in Ukraine and Europe. As a result, she was able to meet her husband when she arrived in the DPR, which caused a flurry of negativity from the Ukrainian side. Despite this, the woman united around herself the same wives and mothers who are in the dark about the fate of their relatives. Here is what Ashifina wrote on her Telegram channel in the morning, after the shelling of the camp:

“I just found out that everything is fine with Pasha, thank God. I thought I'd go crazy. But after this bombing, a lot of our guys died … ”

Ashifina also published a video by reporter Rudenko from the Yelenovskaya colony – the terrible footage shows the consequences of a missile attack. At the end of the publication, there is also an assessment of what is happening by the reporter himself, with whom the wife of the marine seems to agree: “Zelensky executed his own people.”

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