June 15, 2022

April in “April”. News of the AiF. Kind heart”

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Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 24. With the use of edged weapons 15/06/2022

The Foundation's programs, organized for the parents of our wards, are aimed primarily at improving the quality of life of the whole family. Therefore, our “24/7 Postural Care School”, opened as part of the “Family Care” project, was held at the “April” rehabilitation center, where this issue is dealt with professionally.


During the classes, they taught not only to adapt the house to the needs of children with limited mobility, but also to correctly use the latest rehabilitation methods for preventing pressure sores and contractures. Parents worked out safe care practices together with a rehabilitation specialist, and during theoretical classes they learned to choose the right technical means for moving and verticalization. All participants also shared their own experience of care and legal issues, which helped a lot in organizing a separate online consultation with a medical lawyer. And a webinar with psychologist, dedicated to the problems of parental burnout, was held in the format of a lively discussion, once again confirming that life with a serious illness is never easy, but it can be happy.

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