May 12, 2022

Belgorod governor announced the death of a man during shelling from Ukraine

By Azlyrics

During the shelling, which occurred, according to the head of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov, from Ukraine, three people were also injured and the house was partially destroyed

Vyacheslav Gladkov

One person was killed and three wounded during the shelling of the village of Solokhi in Belgorodskaya region, said the head of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov in his Telegram channel.

“According to confirmed information, at the moment one person died, died in an ambulance, and three were injured, they are receiving all the necessary assistance,” — wrote the governor.

He called the situation “the most difficult in the history of shelling.”

Previously, the authorities of the Russian regions did not report the deaths in such shelling.

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On the shelling of the village of Solokhi, Belgorod region, which is located a few kilometers from the border with the Kharkov region of Ukraine, Gladkov reported on the evening of May 11. Then he clarified that one person was injured. The shelling, according to the governor, was carried out from the side of Ukraine.

During the shelling, one house was partially destroyed and reeds caught fire near the settlement. Firefighters arrived at the scene.

The village of Solokhi is located about 40 km west of the center of Belgorod.

The authorities of the region reported shelling of border villages from Ukraine in May and April. On May 5, according to Gladkov, the settlements of Zhuravlevka and Nekhoteevka were shelled. Then there were no casualties, a house and a garage were destroyed in Nekhoteevka.

On April 25, these two villages also came under fire. There were no casualties in Nekhoteevka, two people were injured in Zhuravlevka.

On the morning of April 1, a fire broke out at an oil depot in Belgorod, later the governor of the region said that the cause was an airstrike from two helicopters of the Ukrainian armed forces. According to him, they entered the territory of Russia at low altitudes. Two people were injured in the fire, but there were no deaths.

Shelling from Ukrainian territory was also reported in other border regions. In particular, on April 29, in the Bryansk region, a branch of the border department of the FSB was fired from the territory of Ukraine. During the shelling, no one was injured, but the water and electricity networks were damaged. Also, according to the Investigative Committee, on April 14, two Mi-8 helicopters of the Ukrainian armed forces carried out “at least six airstrikes on residential buildings” in the village of Klimovo, eight people were injured.

On April 23, in the Kursk region, mortars fired at a checkpoint on the Russian border from the territory of Ukraine. After the shelling, the premises of the Rosselkhoznadzor caught fire. There were no wounded or dead. Also, in early April, from the territory of Ukraine, they tried to fire mortars at the Sudzha border crossing, but the mines did not reach Russian territory.

Due to the current situation The authorities of six regions bordering Ukraine announced the introduction of a high level of terrorist threat from April 11. Such a regime has been introduced in the Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk regions, in two border regions of the Voronezh region, in the north of Crimea and in several regions of the Krasnodar Territory.

The special regime involves the increased work of all law enforcement agencies, and residents of the regions are advised to avoid large gatherings of people, always take an identity card with you and be vigilant.

There are three levels of terrorist danger: blue (increased), yellow (high) and red (critical). Yellow is entered if there is confirmed information about the real possibility of a terrorist act, follows from the classification of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee.