October 28, 2022

birthmarkhead drops mysteriously likeable new single Untitled (feat. Karibu Shirley)

By Azlyrics

birthmarkhead drops mysteriously likeable new single Untitled (feat. Karibu Shirley)

Posted on 28 October 2022

Featuring a boomingly decisive beat that is next level legit and takes your mind into a new galaxy of wonder, birthmarkhead sends us into a thoughtful vortex via the latest single, Untitled (feat. Karibu Shirley).

birthmarkhead is a supremely skilled non-binary indie music producer who makes those underground marvels that you can’t believe haven’t been found by the masses yet.

”I would say that having lived in cities such as Berlin, Brighton and Manchester, my production style is difficult to put into a specific box of a genre however, I have drawn a lot of influence from European techno music, ambient music and early 90s-2000s hip-hop and its commercialisation of sampling.” ~ birthmarkhead

After being so inspired by the music community of Berlin recently before the ravaging forces of covid drove him home, birthmarkhead shows a rare excellence with an anthem for those who want something different with their tea.

Untitled (feat. Karibu Shirley) from the UK-based music producer birthmarkhead is one of the more creatively original songs you’re likely to hear today. Filled with a fusion that is so easy to hear and brimming with a body grooving delivery, there is so much to love about a track with so much intrinsic value for the soul to nourish from.

Calm your mind on SoundCloud and see more news on the IG page.

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