November 18, 2022

Even in Dust, It’s Still Diamonds

By Azlyrics

Even in Dust, It’s Still Diamonds

Posted on 18 November 2022

Looking at the striking song artwork on Spotify, I became intrigued. A crouched figure amidst green; it looks like modern photography – the kind you’d see in a New York gallery, all this from a song titled “Liar.”

The track begins with heavily effected guitar, a smooth and simple drumbeat allows the melancholy chord progression to shine. Juan F. Martinez who goes by the moniker “Diamond Dust” has a fantastic sense of melody. The range of emotion shown in his songwriting goes from heartbreaking to romantic elation. The drums continue to evolve into a triplet-driven beat carrying the tension and arc of the song towards a very satisfying climax.

I do feel (and this might very well be my age talking) as though auto-tune has outlived its artistic novelty. I don’t know, maybe it’s become so standardized that the effect is just part of the popular music landscape. But the sense that got from listening, is that Diamond Dust sings from the soul.

Readers should definitely check out Martinez’s Facebook page and see what he’s all about. A compositionally gifted young man with more than a few great songs to offer the world.

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