November 10, 2022

FivebyFive Interview: Being wonderfully weird on their latest album Killing Time

By Azlyrics

FivebyFive Interview: Being wonderfully weird on their latest album Killing Time

Posted on 10 November 2022

FivebyFive were kind enough to sit down with us and chat about their new album called Killing Time. Packed with honesty and so much insight, this is a must-read because of its inspiring tone and urging for humanity to never give up.

We are super excited to slice it up with you music-wise FivebyFive and thank you for making the time today. Hip Hop, Rock and loads of Daddy issues are written on your IG page. How do you fuse these three superpowers together into your music so well?

I wish I could say were bitten by a radioactive spider. But it truly comes from the feeling of never being good enough. Everyone has had someone that has made them feel like they’d never amount to anything. And thanks to artist like Eminem, Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, we grew and overcame the doubt. Now we live our lives our way and want to reach anyone who thinks they aren’t good enough and help them realize they are and that it’s not silly or too late to chase dreams.

Killing Time is your latest full release. What was the vision behind the project and who was involved?

We knew our first EP ‘The Eulogy’ was written with a heavy/serious tone, but we wanted to showcase some of our weird/fun personalities. Killing Time gave us an opportunity to experiment and try new sounds and get a little weird.

Is there a song on the new release that gets the biggest cheer when jammed live?

Our first single ‘We Will’ always seems to go over well!

All your tracks certainly pack a punch and lyrically everything is extremely real. Who do you make music for?

We make it for ourselves as an outlet for what’s going on in our heads, but also hope it helps others going through their tough times.

Where are the best spots to currently watch underground bands shred live in Columbus, Ohio?

Our current favorite venues to see others and play at has got to be Rumba Cafe and Madison theater rooftop. Not too small, decent sound and an amazing environment for an intimate performance.

Do you have any crazy tour stories that you can share with us?

Only crazy thing to happen so far would be showing up to the venue and them not knowing we were coming, being told there’s no music being played that night and then deciding hell with it and settled up in front of the door and played our set anyways.

Can we catch you live anywhere soon or do you have any events on the horizon in 2023?

We have a cancer benefit on 11/19 at Stephen’s lounge in Marysville and then we head to The Outpost in Kent on 11/28 to play with our dudes in Dropout Kings! Our next local show is at Rumba Cafe on 1/28!

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen