January 8, 2022

Foreign Ministry responded to Sobchak after trying to laugh at Maria Zakharova

By Azlyrics

Photo: Natalya Muschinkina

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and the press service of the Foreign Ministry entered into an absentee dispute amid the riots in Kazakhstan. The reason for the dive was the comment of the official representative of the department, Maria Zakharova, who spoke about the reaction of the US authorities to what is happening in the neighbor of Russia.

It all started with the fact that Zakharova commented on the words of the press secretary of the White House Jen Psaki, who spoke about the need to clarify the legality of Kazakhstan's request for military assistance to the CSTO.

“Everyone is used to the fact,” Zakharova wrote in her Telegram channel, “that some representatives of Washington do not understand everything, passing it off as an American position.”

“This is a discrepancy from my beloved positive little man from the Foreign Ministry,” Sobchak assessed in her channel.

The diplomatic department responded a few hours later also in Telegram: “This is not Zakharova's problem, but you have a fit of stupidity and anger.” Zakharov's mind: she spoke of a misunderstanding in Psaki. The diplomats were glad that Sobchak reads the federal media, and added something that was not entirely clear: “The main thing is not in the morning.” depressed non-human “.

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