November 10, 2022

In the Caribbean With the Prince | Siôr Boyesen

By Azlyrics

In the Caribbean With the Prince | Siôr Boyesen

Posted on 10 November 2022

Scrolling through social media, we’ve all seen the meme about travel – an old Mark Twain quote which reads “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” I think we could add that travel is also fatal to a lack of colour in an artist’s creative palette, where new sounds and sights inspire you to create fresh works upon your return. This was certainly the case with Siôr Boyesen, a UK citizen travelling to the Caribbean who composed the amazingly energetic “Prince of the Favela” (both a song and the title of an EP).

Let’s talk about the title song which opens with sparse drums before going full force into a horn-driven Latin swing beat. The vocals are deeply rhythmic, and border somewhere between rap and recitative poetry. Boyesen’s lyrical style is very classically cool – like if we updated Cab Caloway to 2022 it might sound something like this. There’s sung backup vocals (most likely Boysen himself) which adds a texture I just can’t imagine the song lacking – this is some top-rate production. The horn solo appearing around the 2:30 mark sounds like it could have been lifted right from “Sketches of Spain.”

Fans of neo-swing or electronic jazz will feel right at home with “Prince of the Favela.” It’s sexy, dance-driven, and very hip. It’s nice to know that the artistic culture of the Caribbean continues to inspire musicians and creators from around the world and I have a feeling that Boyesen’s EP will be just as popular there as it is in his native UK.

Check out the track on Spotify.