November 17, 2021

It was found out what scared the Americans of the Russian anti-satellite missile

By Azlyrics

“Afraid of losing the battle in space”

The US hysterical reaction to the test launch of a Russian anti-satellite missile is caused by the fear of the United States losing its advantage in space. This is the opinion of the Israeli political scientist, ex-head of the Nativ special service Yakov Kedmi.

Photo: Mark Nakoykher.

On November 15, Russian space forces successfully launched an anti-satellite missile, which, as Sergei Shoigu said, hit an old non-working spacecraft with pinpoint accuracy. This caused a nervous reaction in the United States. The State Department and the Pentagon have made relevant statements. Such a reaction indicates that the United States felt a threat to its power in space, Yakov Kedmi said on the YouTube channel Soloviev Live.

He compared the Russian anti-satellite missile launch with the effect that the United States experienced after the announcement of the Russian hypersonic systems Avangard and 'Dagger'.

According to Kedmi, the new Russian missile is capable of destroying the American military mini-shuttle X-37. This secret program has been implemented by the Pentagon for several years. Four such devices were manufactured, each of which can carry weapons and is capable of staying in orbit for more than a year.

Russian anti-satellite weapons are capable of neutralizing the huge advantage of the United States in the field of military space. The US missile defense system is largely built on the space segment & mdash; satellites for strategic reconnaissance and ballistic missile launch detection.

The satellites, according to Kedmi, detect the launch of a rocket, and within 40-50 seconds, this rocket is shot down. “ The detection system itself is critical to the entire defense and attack system. In addition to detection and guidance, it can perform missile guidance functions. War in space is gaining more and more importance '', & ndash; said Kedmi.

In his opinion, “ the struggle for space, for satellites, for the ability to blind satellites, neutralize weapons from outer space are becoming increasingly important. ''

Among the new missiles of Russia Kedmi named the S-500, S-550, the Nudol missile.

“ All this puts the American system, from the X-37 ship to the existing satellites, in a very difficult position, & ndash; said Kedmi. & ndash; … The war will begin first of all in space: to blind and deprive the enemy of the advantage of target detection and targeting & ndash; it's all in space. ''

He listed Russian anti-satellite weapons systems: small in-orbit survey satellites that can shoot down satellites; rockets & laquo; earth & ndash; air & raquo; or “ earth & ndash; space ''; interceptor aircraft MiG-31 with anti-satellite missiles. For these types of weapons, “ the United States today has no answer, even conceptually, '' & ndash; said Kedmi.

“ Russia can today gain (and this is their fear) a strategic advantage in war in space, the same as it has today in the field of hypersound, in the field of missiles that can attack the territory of the United States or military objectives. This worries them. The Americans have a threat that they may start losing the battle in space '', & ndash; said the expert.

According to him, the United States may have more satellites, they may be more advanced in terms of electronics, communications, detection, guidance. But they are not protected and can be destroyed.

“ In this they can lose. They are afraid of this, because whoever loses the war in space will lose the war. It all starts in space. Without satellites, there are no ballistic missiles, there is no ability to counter ballistic missiles, without satellites nothing is clear '', & ndash; concluded Kedmi.

According to him, Russia is building up its advantage in hypersonic missiles, including aviation missiles with a range of 5 thousand kilometers, as well as in underwater, deep war. “ They thought the ocean was protecting them, and the ocean was becoming more and more launching sites for an attack on the United States. The airspace around America is not defended … The ocean is becoming a problem (for the US. & Ndash; “ MK '' ) instead of an advantage, and space too, & ndash; said Kedmi.