April 27, 2022

LA-based blues artist Mark Edward Fitchett turns up the volume and let’s it rip on ‘Standing Horizontal’

By Azlyrics

LA-based blues artist Mark Edward Fitchett turns up the volume and let’s it rip on ‘Standing Horizontal’

Posted on 27 April 2022

Taken from his brand new 12-track album called ‘Chasing The Blues‘, Mark Edward Fitchett makes sure that we are all around for the last call so we can hear this dynamic musician in action with the new speaker-sizzler called, ‘Standing Horizontal‘.

Mark Edward Fitchett is a Los Angeles, USA-based music teacher and much-loved indie blues singer-songwriter that brings us his whole toolbox on this smashing new single.

”Over the course of 30+ years, he has taught several thousand students, many who have gone on to have professional music careers themselves.” ~ Mark Edward Fitchett

Showcasing his world-class abilities with this outstanding new track that shall have you dusting off those dancing shoes, Mark Edward Fitchett is rather splendid with a single so entertaining, you might need a quick nap afterwards to recover.

”Teaching over these many years has actually made me a much better musician. This not only caused me to dig deeper into the blues and rock music I grew up with but also because of my many student’s different interests I would learn other styles not normally on my radar and ultimately incorporate them into my own bag of tricks.” ~ Mark Edward Fitchett

Standing Horizontal‘ from Los Angeles, USA-based indie blues artist and music teacher Mark Edward Fitchett sends a message to all those who believe that it’s too late to show the planet your music. He is on top form with real aplomb that shall take you to a happy place, on a new single that might send you to a nostalgic place in the past you fondly recall. Blues fans are in for a real treat here, from a masterful professional who shows us how it’s done.

Listen to this rocking new track on Soundcloud and see more via his website.

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