August 28, 2022

Left The House: jon penny brushes his teeth and brings us back to his youth on Still Smilin’

By Azlyrics

Left The House: jon penny brushes his teeth and brings us back to his youth on Still Smilin’

Posted on 28 August 2022

After moving away from the band life in order to pursue his mission to be a successful solo artist, jon penny opens the door and forgets his coat but has managed to stay beaming throughout it all on the memory-filled single Still Smilin‘.

jon penny is a South Wales-based drum and bass fueled, rock-saturated and hip hop-foamed bundle of absolute joy for the speakers to bathe happily inside.

”Taking inspiration from lyricists such as Leonard Cohen and Kendrick Lamar, jon plans to push his music through his own label and brand A.B.O.V.E.” ~ jon penny showing us where his inspiration comes from and the future vision

Taking us through his life that includes lots of tragedy, stories of not studying too much, and lessons for us all to learn from, jon penny has a crisp technique that is rather pleasing on our nippy ears. His vocals are fresh and rather memorable, while his honest lyrics will probably make many smile and possibly cry too.

Still Smilin‘ from South Wales-based multi-genre solo artist jon penny is a character-packed single from a determined figure who has decided that life needs to be lived. Shepherding us through his movie-like life that has had many difficulties, that haven’t drowned his mood at all. In fact, the opposite. Laden with authentic stories and leading us into his memorable smile while singing into our hearts, this should bring hope to so many who have experienced so much trauma recently.

When you decide to smile instead of frown, your universe shall be loaded with exciting possibilities.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn