June 11, 2022

Let into the garden. How to keep goats in the country

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And it appears to be a small-sized animal, but you won failure with if you don think over the whole system of housing and feeding at dacha.

How to choose and care animals we were told by the head of the Department of Animal Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology of the RGAU-MSHA named after M.V. K. A. Timiryazeva, Doctor of Biological Sciences Marina Selionova.

Do you want to quarrel?

Natalya Filippova, «AiF. At the dacha”: — Marina Ivanovna, is real to keep a goat on some 6 acres?

Marina Selionova: —  Before you get such an animal, you need to think about whether you have enough strength to milk a goat twice a day, graze at least 2 hours, go around clearings and edges. Such a promenade is necessary for a goat to maintain an excellent condition of the whole organism, and it will have time to nibble a lot of tasty grass.

Or you need to choose a free area rich in grass, and tie the goat on a rope 3-3.5 m long to a hook securely fixed in the ground. But you must be sure that no one will like like your beauty.

At the  dacha, the animal needs to allocate a solid shed with strong bolts, where it will spend the night, and also a walking area (corral) measuring 3 × 3 m. Paddock — fenced area — can both adjoin the barn, and be separate. The height of the fence must be at least 2 m, otherwise the animal will easily jump over it. To protect the goat from rain, strong winds and direct sunlight, make a canopy in the corral. After grazing, the mammal will spend the rest of the day in a paddock, so equip it with drinkers and feeders. Yes, and don’t forget to periodically, especially in the autumn-winter period, sprinkle straw on the bedding to keep the goat warm and dry, and 2 times a year, completely clean the barn and pen from accumulated manure and  ;contaminated straw.

— Not in vain there is such a saying «Do you want to quarrel with neighbor — get a goat»?

— Yes, goats love to play pranks, they are curious and temperamental, weak bolts on the barn and corral will not save your and neighbor's garden from raids of nimble insolence. It will quickly fill 3 & nbsp; pancreas and & nbsp; the stomach itself (tripe, mesh, booklet, abomasum) with greens from the & nbsp; vegetable garden, flowers, bark of young trees. It will not be possible to restore the consequences of such a raid and for several years. She needs an eye.

Milk, cheese and meat

— By productivity, goats are dairy, meat, milk-meat, woolen and downy. Fanciers are more likely to have dairy goats for delicious natural products.  Which breed to choose?

— In Moscow region and Leningrad region most often breed Saanen, Alpine, Toggenburg, Nubian, Murciano-granadino — these are all breeds of foreign selection, bred in Europe (Switzerland, Holland, Spain). The countries are characterized by a mild climate, pastures with rich herbage and a high content of nutrients. However, these breeds have managed to acclimatize to our conditions and tolerate winter well.

— How much milk can you get from a goat in one lactation? What is it useful?

  On average, lactation lasts 300 days, during   goat will be able to milk 700 l of milk. Most Productive — start of lactation: about 3 l per one milking. And then there is a gradual decrease in milk output. Goat milk — a truly excellent product, rich in vitamins A and B groups, trace elements. It contains proteins: caseins, lactoglobulin and lactoalbumin. The fat content of milk ranges from 3.2 to 4.5%, the protein content — from 3 to 3.2%, depending on breed. The high content of the casein fraction in proteins makes it possible to obtain a special and very healthy goat cheese. Other products of goat milk processing — cottage cheese, butter. It is noteworthy that goat's milk does not turn sour, for the manufacture of fermented baked milk, kefir or yogurt, you will have to buy special lactic acid and bifidobacteria.

Eating cheese will relieve fatigue and depression. Photo: Shutterstock.com

— And if you decide to slaughter a goat for meat, then what quality will the product be?

— Of course, the younger the animal, the tastier and juicier the meat. Goat meat has a special morphological composition, so it has a high presence of collagen fibers that form layers, due to which it is lean, juicy and tender. Whoever has never tried goat meat will be confused that he eats — turkey or young veal. The most valuable in carcass are: vertebrae with longissimus dorsi, the femoral part of the hind legs and the so-called "saddle" (lumbar-renal part).

By the way, the ancient Greek healer and physician Hippocrates attributed special properties to goat's milk for its ability to treat bronchial asthma, anemia, allergies, liver and gallbladder diseases, migraine, arthritis. With a shortage of mother's milk, doctors advise giving babies hypoallergenic goat's milk.

What to feed and treat?

— How and what to feed a goat so that there is a lot of milk?

— Only grass and juicy carrots, pumpkin, apples from your dacha cannot saturate a lactating animal  At the very peak of milk production, give her a day up to 1.2 kg of concentrates; 300–400 g. In winter, replace juicy greens with fragrant hay of good quality, it will take 2.5–3 kg per day.

— Is it expensive to accompany a veterinarian for for 1 year?

— Goats are distinguished by good health. Unlike the same cow, they almost never have leukemia, only old animals with poor care. If you take good care of and properly milk, there will be no mastitis. Your veterinarian according to the preventive plan — twice a year (autumn and summer) — will carry out treatment against helminths, and also vaccinate against anthrax. Other vaccinations — against brucellosis, collibacteriosis, paratyphoid, clostridiosis — are carried out selectively, taking into account the epizootic situation in the region. Vaccinations are carried out at the expense of public funds, but and other veterinary treatments on average will not exceed more than 2.5–3 thousand. rub. per year. The main thing when keeping a goat — properly care for the udder and limbs of the animal. For example, in young goats, the tissue of the papillae cracks during milking, at first they are smeared with a special cream after milking. In the  warm season, the hoof horn grinds itself down during grazing, and in the winter, entrust the pruning to a specialist.

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