March 7, 2023

Make It: Kem .SoL hopes for the romance to blossom on 1 Day

By Azlyrics

Make It: Kem .SoL hopes for the romance to blossom on 1 Day

Posted on 7 March 2023

Wanting so much more and sensing that the formally fragmented pieces are finally plunging together, Kem .SoL shows us an unbelievable new creation on the superb 1 Day.

Kem .SoL is an American indie alternative artist who is now based in London, UK and makes a sterling blend of vividly descriptive soundscapes to love forever.

Hoping for love to stay strong despite the strong winds and taken as the 2nd track off The Only Way Is Up, Kem .SoL sends our gaze right into better days. Vocally smooth and drifting with some impact, this is a rather splendid experience to love for its kind energy.

1 Day from the London, UK-based indie alternative artist Kem .SoL is a tremendous single to turn up loud and with some velocity. This is a strength-packed song when you need to keep that hope strong, that two loving humans may stay close despite all the temptations lurking. Lathered in magnificence and calming our ears, we are treated to something so honest and caring when needed most.

When you speak your intentions, the road suddenly clears.

Turn this up loud on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen