November 8, 2022

Masorti presents: “Father’s Eyes”, a new studio release

By Azlyrics

Masorti presents: “Father’s Eyes”, a new studio release

Posted on 8 November 2022

Masorti is a creative and talented musician with a focus on exploring a wide variety of influences, while still ensuring that his music is incredibly punchy and creative, appealing to listeners of all backgrounds while portraying the artist’s personality and Americana-folk vibe.

Masorti’s most recent studio work is titled “Father’s Eyes”, and it is yet another step forward for him. This one shows a lot of potential, as the production is just as good as the performance of the artist, which brings so much vitality and passion to the mix. The release is a crossroads of different vibes and influences, yet as if by magic, it all really acquires a stunning and original tone, which adds to the scope of this release.

Find out more about Masorti, and check out “Father’s Eyes”, his flavorful new release.