July 31, 2022

Massachusetts Bellevide takes us higher and higher on the soul-shaker ‘Featherweight’

By Azlyrics

Massachusetts Bellevide takes us higher and higher on the soul-shaker ‘Featherweight’

Posted on 31 July 2022

Showing us that party pooper who has ruined his mood for too long, Bellevide throws serious shade in his chill-to-the-bone style that shall urge your volume to go to into maximum instantly on ‘Featherweight‘.

Bellevide aka Daniel Duran is an experimental alt-pop solo singer-songwriter who is based in Massachusetts, USA.

”Themes of Bellevide include psychological darkness, personal transformation, death and rebirth, and healing. Despite the seriousness, Bellevide attempts to communicate with a light-heartedness.” ~ Bellevide

Bellevide is a storyteller like no other. He brews confidence and shows us that underground music is the core of our identity, no matter what anyone else thinks. Brooding with a real self-assured technique, this might catch you off guard if you aren’t ready for its piercing energy.

Featherweight‘ from Massachusetts, USA-based experimental alt-pop solo singer-songwriter Bellevide is a spooky performance that has underdog written all over it. Featuring his signature vocal style that is striking, calm, and crammed with a message, you have to look deep inside. With a smokey disposition that shall get you off your feet, this is a sizzling track that might burn your hand if you aren’t too careful.

See this new music video on YouTube and see his movements on IG.

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