May 6, 2022

Medvedev saw in the words of Duda about the border the proclamation of the division of Ukraine

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Poland, under the guise of “false mantras about common happiness” with Ukraine, intends to return the lands and avenge the divisions of the country, the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council believes. The Polish president announced the day before that there would be no more borders with Ukraine alt=”Medvedev saw in Duda's words about the border the proclamation of the division of Ukraine” />

Dmitry Medvedev

Poland proclaimed a course towards the division of Ukraine, “imaginary brotherhood” it will entail the loss of Ukrainian statehood, believes Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia.

“Polish President Andrzej Duda has officially recognized territorial claims against Ukraine. The masks have been dropped,— the politician wrote in Telegram.

According to Medvedev, Western Ukraine will become a welcome acquisition for “hungry for the return of the lands of Poland.”

“What will the uncomplaining Ukrainian neighbor do for the sake of an illusory dream of a happy life under the umbrella of the European Union. However, do not flatter yourself and indulge in vain dreams. Whatever incantations this same Duda utters, we are talking about the actual annexation by Poland of the territories of Western Ukraine, — wrote Medvedev.

In his opinion, Poland intends to return historical lands, hiding behind anti-Russian attacks and “false mantras about common happiness with” unlimited ” Ukraine”, and to avenge the divisions of the country. According to Medvedev, brotherhood with Poland threatens Ukraine with the loss of statehood. At the same time, he asked himself the question: “Maybe they want that?”

Earlier, Duda, speaking on the occasion of the Day of the Polish Diaspora, said that there would no longer be a border between Poland and Ukraine and the peoples of « will live together on this earth. He also mentioned the support of Warsaw in the confrontation with Russia.

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko noted on the eve that some Polish politicians “sharpen checkers and sabers” and see Western Ukraine as part of Poland. “That is, the dismemberment of Ukraine is already in my head,” — Lukashenko said. In his opinion, Kyiv alone will not be able to resist this, so he did not rule out that “we, the three Slavic peoples, including Ukrainians, will have to defend the integrity of Ukraine.”

At the end of April, the head of the Russian Service foreign intelligence Sergei Naryshkin said that Warsaw, together with Washington, are developing a plan to establish Poland's control over its “historical possessions”; in Ukraine. He called the entry of the Polish military into Western Ukraine under the pretext of protection against “Russian aggression” as the first stage, he said. The press service of the Foreign Intelligence Service later indicated that the statements of the head of the department were based on intelligence information.

The press secretary of the Minister Coordinator of the Polish Intelligence Services, Stanislav Zharin, called the assertion of Russian intelligence a lie and said that its goal was “to strengthen mistrust between Ukraine and Poland».

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September 13, 1965

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