October 3, 2022

Need Some Lotion: Bland drinks those potions all day on neptunia

By Azlyrics

Need Some Lotion: Bland drinks those potions all day on neptunia

Posted on 3 October 2022

Taken from the electrically charged 4-track silhouettes release, Bland makes that lucky money dance like a true underground master on his latest ear-buzzing new single to turn up loud called neptunia.

Bland is a passionate indie dance artist solo singer-songwriter who makes those wild tracks you just can’t seem to stop playing.

”Lung full of black holes gasoline fuels the engine keep running away.” ~ Bland

Steaming hot with a release all about getting things done, even if you feel the heat, Bland soaks up the rays and might even get your frown flipped upside down. Showing us that sunglasses-filled aura that shall heat your emotions, you could find yourself hitting this quality jam on repeat.

neptunia from indie dance artist solo artist Bland is a foot tapping single to make your toast with. Recalling the simmering ocean that could be in the South of France, this is so much to get excited about in this enlightened effort. Rolling with that slow motion flow that could cause your heart rate to reconfigure, this is a sensational song that might grab your attention rather quickly.

Listen up to this fine new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

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