November 10, 2022

Nothing Rough in the State of “Lower Queensland” | Loucas Bretz

By Azlyrics

Nothing Rough in the State of “Lower Queensland” | Loucas Bretz

Posted on 10 November 2022

Here’s an experience we’ve all had – you’re talking to your friend, trying to describe a band or song to someone who’s never heard it. Normally this is quite a task (usually referencing a bunch of other artists, instruments, and genres in the process)  – but in the case of Loucas Bretz’s track “Lower Queensland,” I can convey the tone in one word: “smooth.”

“Lower Queensland” is an instrumental track – primarily made up of rhythm section instruments (guitar, bass, and drums). The mood is wonderfully laid back with subtle reverb affecting pulsating lead guitar. Bass and drums playing a lazy-yet-spot-on swing and some occasional harmonics for colour. There seems to be a pulsating tone that happens in the background, to me it sounds accordion-like but it just hangs out as ear-candy, creating a pleasant texture for the listener.

There’s a strong improvisational character to what Loucas Bretz is doing – but unlike a lot of “jam artists” he doesn’t tend to meander much (thank God) and I’m curious how much of the composition is “fixed.” Overall, this is an impressive bit of playing. I would challenge all of you readers out there to give it a listen and let us know if my initial assessment of “smooth” holds up.

Check out the track on Spotify.