September 19, 2022

On A Ride: Hannibal doesn’t want to talk too much on Oxygen (feat. Taylor Deneen)

By Azlyrics

On A Ride: Hannibal doesn’t want to talk too much on Oxygen (feat. Taylor Deneen)

Posted on 19 September 2022

On a romantically charged but naturally enlightening single to remember for its true pureness, Hannibal takes us higher and into a better place to keep that loving tension tight all day with the memorable Oxygen (feat. Taylor Deneen).

Hannibal is a fresh RnB artist who loves to connect with fellow musicians all over the world and makes inspiring art that is timeless in nature.

”On August 19th, he released his debut album, MHB, which includes contributions from musicians in Austria, Peru, The Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, and more. As the music industry shifted online, Hannibal began producing “MHB” in the Summer of 2021.” ~ Hannibal showing us this impressive international feel to proceedings

Joining forces with the incredibly elegant vocalist Taylor Deneen, Hannibal has shown us what true love actually sounds like. Keeping things simple and classy is the message, as we find a distraction-less single to hold hands with and embrace all evening.

Oxygen (feat. Taylor Deneen) from the rising USA-based RnB solo singer-songwriter Hannibal is a lovely release about keeping things honest and leaving the talking for another day. Sung with a glorious energy that might get you slow dancing with your lover, this is such a caring single that might find your heart beating a little bit extra.

When you’re with that ideal human, being in the moment is all that actually matters.

See his brand new lyric video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more news.

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