April 27, 2022

Putin called the talks with Ukraine in Istanbul a breakthrough

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At a meeting in Istanbul, the Ukrainian delegation handed over to the Russian a list of conditions that Kyiv considered necessary for a settlement agreement. Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not abandon diplomacy Putin called the talks with Ukraine in Istanbul a breakthrough” />

Russia is determined to reach agreements with Ukraine, Moscow does not refuse a diplomatic settlement of the situation, at a meeting of delegations in Istanbul they “reached a breakthrough”. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with UN Secretary General António Guterres, the broadcast was conducted by the Rossiya 24 TV channel.


“We have achieved a fairly significant breakthrough. Our Ukrainian colleagues did not associate security requirements with such a concept as the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine,— Putin said.

The President added that the representatives of Kyiv “bracketed” issues of Crimea, Sevastopol and the “re-recognized by Russia of the republics of Donbass”, but after reaching these agreements, Moscow faced provocations, citing the events in Bucha as an example. “We know who did it, who prepared this provocation”, — Putin emphasized.

In early April, the Ukrainian authorities and Western media distributed photographs and videos from Bucha, which show the bodies of people in civilian clothes. The mayor of the city Anatoly Fedoruk told AFP that another 280 people were buried in mass graves.

The Ministry of Defense called these materials a provocation and stated that during the time the city was under the control of the Russian military, local residents were not injured. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, called the information about the murders a staging by Kyiv and Western countries that are trying to “disperse” this data over the internet. The Russian Prosecutor General's Office assured that it would check the publication of materials on the Internet about the situation in Bucha.

The President of Russia also called the actions of the Russian forces a “forced measure”, adding that the residents of Donbass were under blockade for eight years, which was publicly acknowledged by the Ukrainian authorities. This was not noticed by “colleagues in the West,” Putin claims.

Negotiations on a settlement in Ukraine began on February 27, the parties held several rounds in person and several— in video mode. The delegations achieved the greatest progress during a meeting with the participation of the heads of the Foreign Ministries of Russia, Ukraine and Turkey in Istanbul on February 29. Then the negotiations were planned to continue for two days, but due to the fact that the parties agreed on a significant number of issues already on the first day, it was decided not to continue the round.

Read on RBC Pro Pro How to Learn to Speak Persuasively: 7 Phrases Pro Articles How Toyota Followed Its Philosophy During the Great Recession Pro Articles You need to lower your payroll. How to do it legally Instructions Pro Inflation in Russia shows records. What to expect next Articles Pro “Now Russia is Crimea”: business development experience under severe sanctions Forecasts Pro How force majeure will help – instructions for use Instructions Pro Russia has double-digit inflation. What assets can insure against it? two giant steps towards peace and decided on them after the written proposals of Kyiv, which became his “first formulated desire for a compromise.” The proposals, said Medinsky, included the neutral status of Ukraine.

After the Istanbul meeting, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who made significant efforts to organize the dialogue, said that the talks “gave a significant impetus to the peace process.”

What issues did the parties discuss in Istanbul >

According to Moscow, “substantial progress” in Istanbul was achieved on the issue of a non-bloc and non-nuclear status of Ukraine, as well as security guarantees for it. Also, the Ukrainian side announced its understanding of the situation with Crimea and Donbass.

Kyiv invited Moscow to resolve the issue of Crimea's ownership in bilateral negotiations within 15 years, and the issue of Donbass— agreed upon at a meeting of heads of state. The ownership of these regions will not be disputed by Kyiv by military means, it was noted in the voiced proposals of Ukraine. Kyiv also announced its readiness to ensure that security guarantees do not extend to Crimea and Donbass.

Ukraine proposed to make the Treaty on Security Guarantees multilateral and creating the basis for a new security system in Europe. Kyiv proposed to make the countries— permanent members of the UN Security Council, including Russia, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Israel, Poland and Canada. Also, Ukraine would like Russia not to object to the country's accession to the EU.

The head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, said later that, despite the progress made, Moscow and Kyiv had not yet worked out the final agreements.

< p>On April 1, the parties resumed negotiations via video link with the involvement of working subgroups, but later, after the publication in the media of footage of what happened in the city of Bucha, Kyiv region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Ukrainian delegation tried to interrupt the dialogue. Calling the publication a provocation, Lavrov said that it was undertaken in order to “derail the ongoing negotiations.”

In Kyiv, on April 8, they confirmed that they were continuing negotiations with Russia on an ongoing basis in an online format and were participating in meetings diplomatic, legal, military and other working groups. However, according to the adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian President Mikhail Podolyak, “there is some change in the negotiating background”, including in connection with the events in Bucha. “This is not a question of the actual conduct of negotiations, but the emotional background against which these negotiations are conducted,” — Podolyak said then.

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