July 31, 2022

Residents of Donetsk spoke about the mines “Petal” scattered on the streets of the city

By Azlyrics

The Armed Forces of Ukraine remotely mine residential areas of Donetsk with  Petal"anti-personnel mines. Residents of the city told aif.ru about the appearance of mines in the courtyards of their houses.

According to local residents, the day before they heard loud pops in the sky, but did not expect that the streets would be mined in the morning. 


“We have become accustomed to shelling over the years, but such mines — this is a new gift to us from the Ukrainian military. I heard explosions last night and even left the house in the evening. I was walking here in the dark, but today I look, it turns out that I was walking and did not see that everything was mined under my feet. Just lucky. Who is all this for? On our children? There are only peaceful people here. Center of Donetsk», – said one of the residents of the city.

In addition, there are cases when people picked up mines and carried them to work to show their colleagues, believing that they were fragments from missiles. So, the journalists saved the woman by telling her about the danger of the find. 

Note that the authorities of the DPR began to send messages to residents warning about the spread of explosive devices by the Armed Forces of Ukraine not only over Donetsk, but and and over its city -satellite Makiivka.

Earlier it was reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine used ammunition prohibited by international conventions in Donetsk, as a result of which “Petal” mines were scattered around the city.

Also on the streets of the city  sappers are working, collecting scattered ammunition.

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