November 14, 2022

RØAD RVNNER is back with Metamorfosi

By Azlyrics

RØAD RVNNER is back with Metamorfosi

Posted on 14 November 2022

RØAD RVNNER is an artist who loves to add a lot of vibrance and personality to his sound. His most recent studio release, Metamorfosi, stands out as a great testimony of the freshness and vibe the artist is so seamlessly able to take into his work.

Metamorfosi hits the mark from the get-go: the intro is catchy and immediately easy to connect with, building up the musical world surrounding the artist’s aesthetics right away. RØAD RVNNER’s combination of electro and EDM makes for a very innovative approach to songwriting, while still maintaining that sense of the familiar that is so important for people to immediately experience a connection with the music. RØAD RVNNER’s work should be a great match for fans of artists’ music with a broad and diverse approach.

Find out more about RØAD RVNNER and do not miss out on Metamorfosi. This release can be pre-saved here.