June 20, 2022

Scholz proposed to simplify the rules for joining the EU

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The German chancellor is going to raise the issue at the EU summit on June 23-24 – at it, the leaders of the EU countries should consider granting Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia the status of candidates

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz proposed to simplify the process of new countries' accession to the EU . He stated this to the DPA.

To do this, Brussels must “modernize its structures and decision-making processes,” he believes.

Scholz intends to raise the issue at the EU summit 23–24 June. At the same meeting, EU leaders should consider granting candidate status to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia.

Now countries applying for EU membership can obtain this status only with the unanimous decision of all member states. However, the Chancellor calls into question the principle of unanimity.

Scholz urged Brussels to decide on the status for Ukraine in the “spirit of unity”. He noted that the process will be complex: each candidate country wishing to become part of the European Union must fulfill “many requirements”.

The chancellor also hopes that the summit will give an impetus to the Balkan states that are waiting to join the EU. “We have to show the countries of the Western Balkans that we are serious. Albania and North Macedonia meet all the requirements for starting concrete negotiations on EU accession,— he stressed, adding that these negotiations “should start now.”

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Ukraine and Moldova should also carry out reforms. At the same time, the European Commission admitted that “Ukrainians are ready to die for the European perspective.” Among the conditions that Kyiv must fulfill, & mdash; strengthening the fight against top-level corruption and oligarchs, as well as reforming legislation regarding minorities.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili said that his country deserved the candidate status more than Ukraine and Moldova, because

“for ten goals” ahead of Kyiv and Chisinau and even “some EU countries”. “If status is defined by war, we don't want war. We demand a well-deserved status, — Garibashvili emphasized.

The current candidates are Turkey (1999), North Macedonia (2005), Serbia (2012), Montenegro (2012) and Albania (2014). Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine, Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia are not rivals and should become full members of the EU.

The Kremlin, speaking about the possible accession of Ukraine to the EU, said that this issue still outside the military-political plane, but “requires increased attention” because of the “intensification of discussions in Europe on the subject of strengthening the defense component of the EU.” Russia has never been against Ukraine's membership in the European Union, but only objects to the “military development” of neighboring country, President Vladimir Putin said in turn.

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