October 29, 2022

SVLEM shows the world their global artistic approach with an interview with A&R Factory

By Azlyrics

SVLEM shows the world their global artistic approach with an interview with A&R Factory

Posted on 29 October 2022

After recently dropping their latest sizzling soundtrack for us to salivate over called Live Session (Nevermore + Adore & Devour), SVLEM drops the curtain and leads us into their world with a hugely revealing interview to expand our minds.

Thanks so much for taking the time to cut it up with us today SVLEM. Firstly, please let everyone know where you’re from and based currently?

SVLEM: Thanks for having us! So…We’re Australian except for Cécile who, unfortunately, is French… Hahaha! We’re based in Sydney.

What was the main vision behind your new release Live Session (Nevermore + Adore & Devour)?

SVLEM: We wanted to share something halfway between a raw live performance and a studio experience to take our audience into a more intimate and stripped down set up where they could feel like they’re a bit behind the scenes. We financed it through Crowdfunding so it was a big deal for us to make it sound and look as great as possible within a Live Session constraints: recording all in a same room is quite an exercise and was something completely new to us. It pushed us as artists, and yet we had a total blast doing it! The response has gone way beyond our expectations and we are so thankful for anyone who’s watched it, the old fans and the new and to the media who have shared this release with their community so far.

Sydney is a special city indeed. How does the music scene feel at the moment and which venues in your local area do you feel a connection with currently?

SVLEM: Sydney’s nightlife is back from the dead after years of curfews and lockdown:

The scene is in full bloom and it’s a great opportunity to try to make a difference by bringing back the fun, promote positivity and inclusiveness out there.

Some venues are doing an incredible job at making the scene accessible for emerging bands and offering quality nights for the audience: Sabrina and her team at the Duke of Enmore always have something interesting going on which highly contributes to keeping the local indie scene alive! The guys at Freakflag don’t cease to blow our minds with the most insane lineups. The team at Crowbar not only gets the best international acts but keeps their stage open to way smaller bands. We’ll mourn Frankie’s Pizza as it was a total institution, but some new venues are popping up like the Soundgarden in Penrith that we cannot wait to experience!

How would you describe your sound in one sentence?

SVLEM: A sonic wall of blazing energy that sucks you in, heavy and hypnotic!

Do you have any goals for 2023 music-wise?

SVLEM: We have just started to lay the foundations for a more substantial release and really hope to get some fresh tunes out next year. We also hope to continue gigging as much, if not more!

When you close your eyes and imagine being on stage, what does it feel like?

Diz (bass): An escape that feels all too brief. Being in the moment and letting the adrenaline take you.

Shah (rhythm guitar & keys): Being on stage is almost an out-of-body experience, it’s like my equanimous mind clocks out and my primal brain kicks in. On stage I’m unchained, unhinged but most of all vulnerable, the music guides my movements and my emotions.

Josh (drums): It’s absolute bliss and freedom. The energy from the crowd just drives your adrenalin for one hell of a ride!

Rhys (lead guitar): Time stops: The truest and most natural form of fulfilment consumes me from head to toe. It feels like it’s one of the few occasions where you are your one and true deity. Haha!

Cécile (vocals): Personally, I become something else. I just let completely loose and can be unpredictable performance wise… last week we played alongside Carmeria, Our Last Enemy and Witchgrinder during the Halloween SpookShow: I smashed my megaphone repetitively onto my head until the batteries eventually popped out and flew at the audience… that was fun. Haha! I just love being on stage, I honestly don’t think there’s a greater feeling.

Do you have any plans to tour or have any events on the horizon? If so, where can we find you next?

SVLEM: We’ll play our last show for this year at ‘The Soundgarden’ in Penrith alongside Thraxas and Taliesin on 19/11 and will kick of the new year on 13/01 at ‘The Duke of Enmore’.

Tour wise, there’s nothing in the cards yet for next year but we’re always happy to tag along and play with our friends and other bands who would like to bring some SVLEM vibes to the night… whether we open or headline we’re always having a rad time!

Thanks for having us A&R Factory and thanks for reading this everyone! If you didn’t get a chance to check out our Live Session so far, go for it and we’ll see you around at a next show!

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