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February 2, 2020

Thurz – Big Ball Lyrics

[Intro] (“Big Ball” and other melodic chants throughout song) There we were…all dressed up for the Big Ball We knew that everyone would be there They came as movie stars, draped with curves and Limousine cars They danced to the beat, that generated heat We were sure to be, making sure the crew would not leave As we started to sing, this crazy melody… La, […]

July 7, 2017

8ball & Mjg – Just Like Candy Lyrics

8BALL & MJGJust Like Candy Lyrics (Chorus) Just like candy (candy) Just like candy Its the same feeling (looks good to me) [MJG] I’m creepin low in a flip, flop drop Top Stang, leanin to the left, gold dadens on them thang I’m the MJG, pimp tight Put it to the floor, 5-0 swang a right In a pina, butta, guts is a must Drivin […]