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February 4, 2022

5 Top Tips When Producing Rap Music

5 Top Tips When Producing Rap Music Posted on 4 February 2022 It is now irrefutable that hip hop is one of the most important genres of the past few decades. The sum of its cultural impact is hard to calculate, but its influence should never be underestimated. For the genre itself, popularity is something to celebrate. For independent artists trying to stand out, the […]

May 18, 2018

KYLE – ShipTrip Lyrics

[Verse 1] Hey Kyle, oh yeah, it’s me dude I wanted to know if me and my pride could squeeze through See I don’t socialize much but I need to Can’t you see that my mood ring is see through? I don’t really get as much love as I need to I don’t really give enough hugs ’cause I need to, damn Or give enough […]

October 19, 2016

Kano – Old School Lyrics

Ayo, MJ Let me tell these people why I’m old school, man I am not a Myspace MC, I’m a pirate MC From Flava to DeJa From Rinse to Major [Hook] Rude boy, don’t watch that When it comes to the roads, I lock that Cause when it come to the flows I got that Got cash, you could never try rob that So move, […]