February 24, 2020

Neo 10y – Poems To Fuck To Lyrics

It’s ok Cos my time don’t really exist It’s just a virtue In a comic vast abyss And you’re not alone We’ll build he penthouse where we’ll lay And I’m still inside you From every single hit we take And I can’t sing All those happy melodies But we’ll write poems tô f**k tô and And We’ll write poems so f**k you REPEAT It’s just […]

October 10, 2016

Shaefri – Pixelate lyrics

CHORUS Give me your heart, let me take it all away Give me your lungs, breathe life into my day Cause I need, I need, to pixelate Oh I need, I need, to pixelate V1 I feel heat, rising from below I see you, moving soft and slow I hear voices, and they speak only your name I make choices, that would bring most to […]