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February 12, 2018

Soulja Boy – Balenciaga Backpack Lyrics

[Hook] Damn, he got bricks in the backpack Run up on gang, man you know I’ma clap that Versace couch where he put that strap at Porsche Panamera, ridin’ round where the racks at On my lap where I keep the MAC at Bust down Rolex, got me on Snapchat Ridin’ round town with the bricks in my backpack Hunnid bricks in Balenciaga backpack Balenciaga […]

April 6, 2017

Soulja Boy – Bricks (Big Soulja Album)

[Intro:] Yuh Yeah Soulja Police checkin my phone so I need 40 of them things Soulja Rich Gang, SODMG Loud, loud Don’t play with it I got bricks, bricks Ridin with this shit, let’s go Young Soulja Boy, I’m down to hit a lick (trappin) That loud, loud I got loud (let’s go) [Hook:] I got bricks, bricks I got bricks, bricks Bricks bricks bricks […]