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February 21, 2020

Super American – Samantha’s Song Lyrics

[Verse] No more rides on Oak Street Or Frank Ocean on the way to brunch No more waking up next to you Like any day I want No more flowers waiting there When you get home from work No more clever little notes from me That you didn’t deserve [Pre-Chorus] I left a picture of Lex and Me I wish it made you feel something […]

October 19, 2016

KAMI – Home Movies letras

[Verse 1: Kami de Chukwu] Fuck ‘em, beat ‘em up, cuff ‘em All up in that wagon where them boys done chucked ‘em Chocolate, took a nigga wheels just for puffin’ Locked him in a dungeon, always left his tummy rumblin, bubblin Told him that he seen better days, the nightfall came but he dreamed a better way And the thoughts on his mind always […]