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January 17, 2018

YFN Lucci – Boss Life (feat. Offset)

[Chorus: YFN Lucci & Offset] Uh, young fly nigga I kick big shit, yeah Plus my wrist lit, hey Plus my bitch rich, yeah I’m a big pimp, yeah I talk big shit, yeah We got sticks bitch, yeah We don’t miss shit, yeah uh Yeah, wrist on frostbite, wedding bands look like headlights This the boss life, yeah My bitch exclusive and she boujee, […]

December 18, 2017

Dave East – You The Same (Remix)

[Intro] From the set, from the turf From the set [Verse] I’m from the set, yeah I’m from the turf I just came to get you wet for what it’s worth Go in your skirt, nothing like your last nigga He used to go in your purse, I go in like it’s the first And I don’t think I ever had a bad verse I […]