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March 8, 2021

Tory Lanez – And This Is Just The Intro Lyrics

[Verse 1] I hope you find somebody more toxic And y’all go through way more arguments than we did Y’all go through way more arguments than needed You better give him the same f*cking treatment I know it’s just the intro and this shit get deep, but I’ve got my reasons I put my work in it, wasn’t worth it My stresses turned you to […]

April 10, 2020

Tory Lanez – Dope Boy’s Diary Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah, nothin’ bigger than the Umbrella Yeah, yeah (Perfect) Forever, you just gotta feel me, nigga Lil Tory (Cannon) [Verse] Told my bitch, “I love her”, she ain’t say it back My heart, I can’t play with that Fuck it, that’s that, and we made it that Runnin’ through the trap to find my re-up, tryna make it back BM trippin’, I’m just tryna cop […]

October 19, 2018

Lil Yachty – Riley From the Boondocks Lyrics

[Intro] Uh, moonwalk, beat like a boom box (Beat) With the shits like I’m Riley from The Boondocks (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt) With lil’ bro on the block, he got two Glocks All he rock is track suits and Nike socks And Maybach Mitch on the beat too, bitch [Verse 1] Ooh, bitch, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, bitch, Ike Turner the beat 600 degrees Baby […]

October 13, 2016

Taylor Gang – Gang Gang

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa] Gang gang, gang gang Gang gang, gang gang Gang gang, gang gang Gang gang, gang gang [Verse 1: Chevy Woods] I’m rollin’ up that motivation They don’t never give me no credit No alerts turned on my phone So I ain’t get your message Got these women all in they feelings Over call backs and all that Man, tell these hoes that […]