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July 2, 2017

DJ Khaled – I Can’t Even Lie (feat. Future & Nicki Minaj) (Grateful Album)

[Intro: DJ Khaled & Future] Another one (yeah yeah) We The Best Music! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah DJ Khaled! [Chorus: Future] Lamborghini got a S Parking lot look like a movie My sex drive leave her woozy Got my B-A-B-Y in the two-seat I ain’t, I ain’t even got no time to talk It’s all up to you, baby Diamonds dancing on […]

June 28, 2017

Pink Spiders – Back To The Middle Lyrics

PINK SPIDERSBack To The Middle Lyrics Young and wasted look at me now I’m the king of California Straight out of Tennessee C’mon baby crash on my couch You’ve got that hollywood nosebleed You’ve got the pedigree But when the seasons change That’s when I’ll check that plane and go Back to the middle, I’m gonna be high Back to the middle, when I’ve had […]

January 17, 2017

Problem – Moneeey

Now, who’s hot who not Tell me who rock who sell out in the stores You tell me who flopped who copped the blue drop Who jewels got robbed who’s mostly Goldie down To the tube sock, the same ol pimp Mase, you know ain’t nothing change but my limp Can’t stop till I see my name on a blimp Guarantee a million sales pulling […]

November 30, 2016

Weslynn – New York Minute lyrics

A little bit here A little bit there All the pieces my heart could spare You’re my sunshine And these city lights don’t compare You’re standing there, with your overcoat But you feel so bare Is it ever really fair? All the nights I spent away from you I want next to you And I’ll confess to you For you there is no limit Dear, […]

October 18, 2016

Regina Spektor – New Year lyrics

[Verse 1] She sets her alarm Five minutes to midnight And wakes just in time To greet the new year Remembers the kisses Remembers the laughter And all that’s gone away [Verse 2] She shuffles around Turning the lights on Goes to the kitchen Gets the champagne Opens the window And wrapped in a blanket Begins to count and wait Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, […]