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February 19, 2021

Khao – Scared Of Us Lyrics (feat. T.I., Joyner Lucas, PBD Grey & J Morris)

[Intro: J. Morris] Khao No justice, no peace in these streets Can you hear the babies crying? Politicians and crooked police Worried about the mighty dollar [Chorus: J. Morris] Instead of us, Instead of us, Instead of us Got another shot fired They scared of us, They scared of us, They scared of us If we ever get united [Post-Chorus: J. Morris, T.I.] Trouble (Trouble, trouble, trouble) Trouble (Trouble, […]

February 21, 2017

Nav – Over (The Introduction Album)

[Bridge] Ain’t shit that you could tell me Say your daddy got money, she gon’ pay for the Telly No starting to catch feelings now Cause I only check for you when a nigga feeling empty Say she wanna ride for a nigga She’ll die for a nigga Yeah I know she will, I know she will Gotta keep it on the low shawty Yeah […]

October 14, 2016

Trouble And Bloody Jay – Lil Homie Died lyrics

[Intro: Bloody Jay] Bloody Trouble You dig? Big shout, [?] Duct Tape Dave! Aww man, lil bro Not my motherfucking [?] Not my motherfucking nigga [Hook: Bloody Jay] My little brother died when I was on the inside So every time I ride it’s on my side I say oh-oh-oh, ride Oh-oh-oh, ride Man I’m getting tired, they tryna take my life I got niggas […]