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September 24, 2017

Falls – Odesza lyrics

Lyrics Odesza – Falls Ever feel like you can’t breathe Does the water feel too deep Lie awake cause you can’t sleep without it.(falls) Ever feel like you’re alone When you’re lost but your already home Lie awake cause you can’t dream without it. It’s gonna be alright Never gonna lave your side It’s gonna be alright. Everybody falls down All the way down You […]

September 17, 2017

Divide – Odesza feat. Kelsey Bulkin lyrics

Lyrics Odesza – Divide Everybody Everybody prays to god by different names Tell me your version You don’t have to play it down or fake it Don’t give me that bullshit Driving in the parking lot in the ‘cedes with counterfeit leather Looking like a circus clown Gone crazy when we are together Heaven don’t play like violins I been up over mountains You’re not […]