Tag: Wonder Woman

April 1, 2018

Kacey Musgraves – Wonder Woman

[Verse 1] I like where this is going, and you like it, too We rarely never ever don’t see eye to eye We’re going to [Pre-Chorus] I can show you strong, I can fight for you I can try to move mountains if you want me to [Chorus] But, baby, I ain’t Wonder Woman I don’t know how to lasso the love out of you […]

March 14, 2018

Netta Barzilai – Toy lyrics

[Intro] Ree, ouch, hey, hm, la Ree, ouch, hey, hm, la Ree, ouch, hey, hm, la Ree, ouch, hey, hm, la Ree, ouch, hey, hm, la Ree, ouch, hey, hm, la [Verse 1] Look at me, I’m a beautiful creature I don’t care about your modern time preacher Welcome boys to my show, I will teach ya Hey, I think you forgot how to play […]

December 11, 2017

Amuro Namie – Wonder Woman (feat. Ai & Anna Tsuchiya)

弱肉強食この world to be sure きりぬけてく you’re so independent You never ever fear 負けず嫌いの性格がいいけど 笑顔の隙間 just one second 見てしまった tears No no I can’t let it go 知らせてよ そのSOS I’ll be your Wonder Woman いつでも Just call me, I’ll be there Nothing but Wonder Woman どこでも 飛んでゆく I swear Wonder Woman… プレッシャーこそ私のエクスタシー 言い切る強気うらはらに 溢れてくストレス 反動で溺れてくラブストーリー そこに未来などないのに 脱ぎ捨てるの dress? No no I can’t let it go […]

March 30, 2017

Murs – Suns (Captain California Album)

What up, my name is Nick, they call me Murs though Hate to stare but you was lookin’ at me first though So? I ain’t hearin’ it You ain’t got a ring, then he probably not that serious And I’m just curious, if you feel what I feel Now she lookin’ down at the ground so I know it’s real Don’t know what to say, […]