June 21, 2022

The authorities of Kaliningrad announced the delivery of sanctioned goods by water

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Ferries and ships will be used to deliver goods that are already under sanctions. Previously, they were delivered by trains through the territory of Lithuania

Goods that are not subject to restrictions on transit from Russian regions to the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania will be transported by rail to unload ferries. Governor Anton Alikhanov announced this on his Telegram channel.

He explained that it is planned to use ferries and ships to deliver goods that are already under sanctions, including, for example, building materials.

< p>Alikhanov noted that also in the government of the Kaliningrad region, an operational headquarters was created with the participation of representatives from federal departments to solve transport and logistics problems.

He added that there is no shortage of goods in the region and not expected. Alikhanov again urged the population not to buy goods for the future. “Where will you put this cement, which is now being purchased in huge quantities, — unclear. There will be no problems with the delivery of cement to the region, it is already partially delivered by ferries, — said the governor.

Lithuania announced a ban from June 18 on the transit of sanctioned goods between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of Russia through its territory. As Alikhanov reported, the restrictions apply to building materials, cement, metals and other products. He called this decision a violation of the international obligations of Lithuania and the EU to ensure the free transit of goods.

The Russian Foreign Ministry protested the actions of Vilnius and demanded that the restrictions be lifted immediately. In Lithuania, they said that the decision was made after consultations with the European Commission and in accordance with its directives. In the spring, the EU introduced several packages of sanctions against Russia, including steel, iron, timber, cement, coal and other goods. The Kremlin called the transit restriction an unprecedented and illegal step.

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