May 4, 2022

The dollar exchange rate for the first time in two years fell below 69 rubles at the opening of trading Moscow Exchange

By Azlyrics

The euro fell below the rate for February 2020, but managed to grow a little.

The media report a strong fall in the dollar, which was observed after the opening of the Moscow Exchange.

According to TASS, it fell 68.62 rubles. During the first ten minutes of trading, the volume reached over 7 billion rubles. Later, the currency returned part of the lost positions. At 09.25 am, the rate was 69.4 rubles.

Similar behavior is demonstrated by the euro, which showed a rate of 72 rubles, which was demonstrated no later than February 2020.

According to 10.30, the dollar decreased by 1.04% (70.22 rubles), euro – to 73.7 rubles.

This trend, a consistent weakening against the ruble, has been observed since mid-March 2022.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that after reducing the key rate to 7%, the exchange rate dollar fell to 71 rubles.