January 11, 2022

The economist urged Russians not to be afraid of the introduction of food ration cards

By Azlyrics

Scientific Director of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ruslan Grinberg said that grocery cards may reappear in Russia.

Photo: pixabay .com

Ruslan Grinberg, the scientific director of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that food ration cards may reappear in Russia. This is facilitated by the rise in food prices.

According to him, food ration cards for low-income citizens are a practice that is used in many foreign countries.

“If the rise in consumer prices will continue or accelerate, the country's government will be forced to either start subsidizing the production of the most important products, or introduce food ration cards in Russia, “Greenberg noted.

He clarified that he does not see anything bad in this scenario, since ration cards are used in many countries. For example, in the USA, where they are used by “millions of citizens”.

“In America, millions are sitting on them, and nothing. In Russia, the attitude to food rations is completely different. In the minds of the citizens of our country, such a card is a shame, “Grinberg emphasized.

Recall that earlier the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the need to introduce food ration cards and social meals for the poor in Russia due to the rise in prices for basic products.

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