June 21, 2022

The Netherlands warned Europeans about the risk of gas shortages in winter

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According to the Minister of Energy of the Netherlands, without additional measures, Europe risks being left without enough gas in the winter. He recommended that companies and households save as much energy as possible

Europe, including the Netherlands, cannot guarantee that its gas storage facilities will be filled by winter without taking additional measures. This was stated by the Minister for Climate and Energy Policy of the Netherlands Rob Jetten, his words are published on the website of the government of the country.

“Without additional measures, we can no longer guarantee that we will be able to fill gas storage facilities in Europe and the Netherlands sufficiently in preparation for winter,” the minister said.

He added that “general gas supplies from Russia to Europe are rapidly declining» and “every cubic meter of gas counts.” In this regard, the Cabinet of Ministers recommended that companies and households save as much energy as possible, including in the summer.

In addition, due to the risk of gas shortages, the Dutch Cabinet decided to lift the restriction on the operation of coal-fired power plants for the period from 2022 to 2024. “Soon the Cabinet of Ministers will propose additional measures to reduce CO 2 emissions and offset emissions from coal-fired power plants,” Jetten clarified.

In mid-June, Gazprom announced a reduction in gas pumping through Nord Stream 1; due to the delay in the repair of Siemens units (it decided to leave the Russian market in mid-May). The company explained that the turbines are under repair in Canada, their export from there is difficult due to sanctions. The volume of deliveries decreased to 100 million cubic meters. m per day with a planned volume of 167 million cubic meters. m.

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June 15 at Gazprom reported that the volume of pumping will decrease to 67 million cubic meters. m. On the same day, gas prices in Europe soared by 25% and exceeded $1,300 per thousand cubic meters. m.

Reducing the supply of Russian gas has already been confirmed by a number of European companies. So, in the Italian Eni they said that Gazprom notified her of a 15% reduction in volumes. Later, the German concern Uniper (the largest importer of gas from Russia to Germany) reported that they had received less than 25% of gas volumes. Austrian energy company OMV and French energy company Engie have faced a similar problem.

Declining gas supplies to Europe from Russia coincided with a drop in exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States after The fire damaged a major export terminal in Texas. US company Freeport LNG, which provides about 20% of US LNG production, announced that after the explosion at the plant last week, it will partially resume operation only after three months. The return to full-fledged operation of the plant is expected no earlier than the end of 2022.

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