November 20, 2021

The network discussed the “plans” of Russia to seize Ukraine and other countries

By Azlyrics

“The Poles will have to remember the long-forgotten Russian language”

US intelligence warned European countries that Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment. The American newspaper New York Times wrote about this assumption. Netizens actively discussed this disturbing information.

A New York Times article cites the opinion of US Army veteran Dim Townsend: “There is hardly anything that can stop Putin. I think he likes to play with us like chess pieces. As long as we all keep a close eye on Belarus, at that time he will take over Ukraine and pretend that it has always been part of Russia. This is why we need to be strong. You don’t need to drop bombs on anyone to protect the world, but we must show that we have the power to protect our allies. ”

Many foreign social media users have a different point of view. For example, the Swede Andreas Adolfson wrote on Twitter: “Are we not provoking Russia with this statement? Why should we once again push her to the idea of ​​a war with Ukraine? By the way, if we stand up for Taiwan in the same way as for Ukraine, then a possible war between the United States and NATO with China will cease to be just hypothetical … ”.

American Richard Arnold remarked: “These are all empty words. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, so we simply cannot rely on the fifth article (the fifth article of the North Atlantic Treaty enshrines the principle of collective defense of NATO countries. – “MK”). Even so, will NATO countries agree to start a full-scale war with Russia just to defend Ukraine? Because otherwise all these warnings are worth absolutely nothing. ”

Former Polish Ambassador Jean Pieklo is sure:“ Putin will not make any concessions. He is interested in winning because he believes he can win. Russia is ready for war. China too. But not us. Do not indulge yourself – we need to unite, or we will simply be crushed. ”

An American user with the nickname“ jhh ”joked:“ I have a feeling for a long time that all political events since 2016 are suspicious remind of 1939 … Well, first Belarus will take the oath to Russia, then Ukraine will submit to it, and there it is not far from the Baltic countries. I think that after a while the citizens of Poland will have to remember the long-forgotten Russian language. ”

True,“ jhh ”does not write why Russia needs to include all these Russophobic countries. The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated that preparations for a war with Ukraine are mere rumors or deliberate disinformation.