June 9, 2022

The United States called the condition for dialogue with Venezuela “action in response to action”

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According to the adviser to the US president, Washington is ready to improve relations with Caracas, but first Venezuela needs to “reach a certain set of agreements with the opposition”

Juan Guaidó during the protests

The United States is ready to improve relations with Venezuela in a number of areas, but is waiting for certain steps from his side, said National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

“We are ready to take steps, if there are steps on their part, it should be action in response to action. And the first important step would be to reach a certain set of agreements with the opposition that would demonstrate [Venezuela's] good faith, progress,” Sullivan said.

He noted that the United States continues to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim President of Venezuela.

The United States, amid mass protests in 2019 in Venezuela, supported opposition leader Juan Guaido, and former President Donald Trump proclaimed him head of the country. Washington also imposed sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his entourage, imposed restrictions on the export and import of oil.

After Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine and imposed sanctions against Moscow on the supply of oil, US representatives resumed dialogue with Caracas about easing sanctions on oil exports, Reuters wrote. After that, in early March, US President Joe Biden announced the release of two Americans who were in custody in Venezuela.

May 18, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez confirmed the lifting of US sanctions on the work of foreign oil companies in the country , and the US Treasury, in consultation with the State Department, has issued a license authorizing US oil and gas company Chevron to negotiate a possible resumption of production in Venezuela.

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On the same day, the speaker of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, for the first time since October 2021 met with a representative of the Venezuelan opposition.

Against the backdrop of the military operation in Ukraine and the ensuing anti-Russian sanctions, gasoline prices in the United States reached record levels. Biden has repeatedly accused Russia and President Vladimir Putin personally of rising prices and inflation, which also began to rise since the beginning of the conflict.

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