December 27, 2022

There’s absolutely “No Reason” to Skip VSN

By Azlyrics

There’s absolutely “No Reason” to Skip VSN

Posted on 27 December 2022

With a beat that sounds like it comes fresh off an old MPC, VSN’s new track “No Reason” bangs – like it would yesterday just as much as it does today (and probably tomorrow for that matter). With liquid-sounding vocal samples it has a dreamscape quality – then we get to hear the vocals – a bouncy stream-of-consciousness type melodic rap beautifully nested in the mix. I love how restrained the drums are in this track, it’s like when the bass hits there’s a treat for us and they don’t ditch the synths either. “No Reason” is for sure minimalist but at the same time very elegant in its execution.

I was looking through VSN’s (pronounced “vision” because God-help us if we use vowels these days) bio, and it seems he’s a native of Ghana who immigrated to Canada – from the wording, he has primarily been a producer for the majority of his career (which explains the first-rate MPC vibe in his track). His featured artists list reads like a “who’s-who” of current stars and Grammy-nominated veterans of the hip-hop/RnB world.

On VSN’s Facebook we get to see many sides of the artist. From stylish shots of him in fashion-wear with perfectly colour/theme coordinated backgrounds to candid “on the street” looks – he seems like an imposing figure, which is something somewhat mandatory for a life on stage and in charge of musicians. I would be curious to see what he’s like as an individual – hopefully an interview is forthcoming in the future.