October 3, 2022

To Myself: The Lonely People knows what the mission is on No One Else

By Azlyrics

To Myself: The Lonely People knows what the mission is on No One Else

Posted on 3 October 2022

Dropped in 2020 amid so much uncertainty and fear, The Lonely People light up our emotions and blaze a web of intrigue through heightened feelings and speaker-soaring awesomeness on No One Else.

The Lonely People is a Southern California-based indie alternative electronic/psychedelic rock/shoegaze/hip hop fused outfit.

”The Lonely People have begun building a community of like minded people who value being themselves but not always being social accepted by the crowd usually causing them to be isolated or alone. The band makes it their mission to make sure people know that they are with them and they understand and because theres so many like them out there we are all in this together.” ~ The Lonely People outlining their vision for this incredibly meaningful project

Making music to heal us all from all the worries that can plague our souls when things get a bit too much, The Lonely People are in divine form and might thrill the power socket of anyone who just wants to plug out from the world.

No One Else from the multi-genre Southern California act The Lonely People is a creatively stirring performance that James Bond would be proud to play from his gadget-filled car. Laden with a pulsating beat that will get your blood flow dripping properly, we find ourselves in a nostalgic glow with a dreamy style to take your mind away for a few minutes.

When you’re wrapped into a spell, it’s best to see where it leads.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

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