November 17, 2022

World class Italian composer Stefano D’Amico takes us through the Wormhole

By Azlyrics

World class Italian composer Stefano D’Amico takes us through the Wormhole

Posted on 17 November 2022

Skyrocketing through the atmosphere and flying so high into the night, Stefano D’Amico is rather outstanding on a song which will guide many smiles into a world of possibilities above on Wormhole.

Stefano D’Amico is a world renowned Italian film composer/pianist/orchestrator who creates neoclassical music and soundtracks which are heard all over our beautiful galaxy.

”In 2020 I put my passion for music and for environmentalism in ‘Tribute to the Earth’, my EP which
tells the beauty of our planet: rain, sunset, the moon, the green nature. Its purpose is to raise awareness on the importance of protecting this natural patrimony.” ~ Stefano D’Amico

Currently studying deeply inside composition, orchestration and film scoring, the impressive Stefano D’Amico is rather prodigiously first-rate here. He’s made a true masterpiece for the world to feel united inside, as the imagination floats into what is actually out there if we look far enough.

Wormhole from the multi-skilled Turin, Italy-born and based indie film composer Stefano D’Amico is a stunning release which deserves to be used in many blockbuster movies. Drenched in so much goodness and pure energy for our consciousness to be enriched by, we find a single to simply put on repeat.

Hear this new song on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen